A Fortified, Aromatized Wine “SHARBAT - TIFLIS” Conception “Old Tiflis”

The name of an authorized wine of our caller “Sharbat-Tiflis” comes from an ancient ( 11th century) medical book “The peerless Karabadin” where the recipes are kept. One of these recipes was decoded by us. “Tiflis” (the old name of our capital) was chosen considering the fact, that in old Tbilisi in the 18th -19th centuries all nobel families had their own recipes for wine liqueurs. This wines were of the dessert kind and they were served as aperitifs and as digestif as well. We restored these forgotten traditional recipes and on that basis developed our own original one. This is the main reason that both words are kept in the name of our brand.

Sharbati is produced on the basis of the red, dry wine “Saperavi” of our own production. Its aroma is enriched with 8 different natural spices and aromatic plants. It is fortified with triple-distilled distillate, corn and barley, of our production (75%ABV) and is depend in American oak barrels for 3-4 months.

It is of dark pomegranate color. In the balanced recipe there is the noticeable aroma of muscat wines, with light notes of bitter on a background of a “Saperavi” breed of wine. It leaves a pleasant and select taste. It has an accented soft, relaxing effect. (18%ABV).

There is an innovative approach used in marketing of this wine - each bottle is designed individually. Their labels follow the common concept “Old Tbilisi-Tiflis”. There are prints representing views of old Tbilisi from the colorful works of famous artists such as E. Axvblediani, Vepkhvadze, Toidze, Shmerling, Boiakhchev, Gagarin and so on. Alongside this, every bottle is numbered individually.

To maintain its uniqueness, we produce a very limited amount of this wine, 150 bottles annually (0,75 L each).