Alexander Kveradze, the founder of “Alexander Distillery”, is the owner of the original idea and the developer of the unique technology of first Georgian Qvevri Whisky. He sadly unexpectedly passed away on January 27, 2019. He initiated this exceptional venture which has nothing comparable to-date.

The method of distillation fully determines the quality and the organoleptic qualities of the distillate, therefore technological perfection of this field of hight alcoholic drink industry still stays challenging.

The first whiskey “Alexander”, is based on an invention of a physicist, scientist and Patent Attorney of Georgia Alexander Kvernadze (Patent of Georgia on invention #AP 2014 13559 - “Vodka distilling equipment”). On the basis of the above mentioned invention, there were produced distilling equipments using “Qvevri” (Georgian Traditional wine jar) since 2015. The process of producing showed the capacity of getting a distillate of high organoleptic quality. The work was evaluated and rewarded with a prize, “The innovative technologies and the farmer innovator”.

“Alexander Distillery” is included in the federal service data base of The US Food and Drug Administration. Whiskey “Alexander” and the technology of its production are certified and allowed on the American market.

Following is a short summary of Alexander’s career achievements:

*As a physicist, specializing in Physics of metals, he worked at the Science-research Institute of Stable Isotopes, as well as at the Laboratory of Optical Holography at the Institute of Engineering and Seismic Building, Georgian National Academy of Sciences. Over this period he published more than 30 scientific papers. Alexander is the author of a monograph “ An optical interferometry”.

*He was the founder, the partner and the director of the Intellectual Property Patent Law Bureau “Caucasus Patent”;

*Chief of Information Department at the Georgian Chamber of Commerce & Industry;

*Alexander founded the Georgian National Organization of Bar Codes - EAN Georgia (part of EAN International scheme, a non-profit, business-led association managing a world-wide system that enables identification of items, trade and logistic units, services and locations), which he managed until 2004;

*Alexander was the Chair of the Intellectual Property Commission Board at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Georgia;

*He was also a member of the international working group under the Intellectual Property Committee of the ICC;

*In 2005 he supervised USAID and GEGI funded program “Georgian Wine Appellations”.

*He authored and published a monograph “Geographic marks in commercial practice”.

*He was the only specialist certified by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Georgia;

*Alexander was a member of Association of European Lawyers (AEA) in the field of Protection of Intellectual Property. This is an elite International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, known as AIPP - the world’s leading International Organization dedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property.

*In addition, Alexander represented Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters company (GGMW) on the protection of intellectual property rights. He was the one who initiated the registration of Borjomi’s collective mark in Georgia, Russia and the countries covered by Madrid Protocol system. He also represented other large Georgian and international companies in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Above all, Alexander was a very very humble, kind, loving and warm person. The development of a unique technology for distillery of Whisky and other alcoholic beverages was a hobby of his late days.

“Alexander Distillery” is a family - owned cellar with handcrafted small batch production and original gift wines, which also have no equivalent. Overall, it could be said that it grew “from passion to profit” - hobby turned into business.

At present, Alexander Kvernadze’s wife, his cofounder Mrs. Nia Natsvlishvili, continues this business.

Nia Natsvlishvili - Pathophysiologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.

Education and professional experience:

*Ivane Javaxishvili state University.

*A. Natishvili Scientific Institute of Experimental Morphology in Scientific Academy of Georgia.

*Scientist and lecture in M. Lomonosov Moscow State University faculty of Biology - Department of Neurophysiology.

*Scientific Title of Doctor approved at M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

*18 years experience in lecturing.

*Author and owner of three inventions and patents. Two of them in Theoretical and one in Practical medicine:

*Russen Federation patent - AP #2057530

*Russen Federation patent - AP #9303305

*Georgian patent - P #4249

*Author of 47 scientific publications.