“Alexander Distillery” is a boutique style cellar of select production of family type craft hight alcohol beverages and wine, which has no analogy.

It is located in Kvemo Kartli region, in a village Alekseevka of Tetri Tskaro Municipality (70 km from Tbilisi) in the Trialeti mountains and Algeti National Park (1 200m above the sea level).

Cellar is specialized in Georgian traditional wines and European style wines. There is produced a little amount of 100% hand crafted first Georgian craft whiskey and high quality “Chacha” (pomace vodka) and fruit brandy.

According to a conception of our distillation, only hand crafted Georgian base stock is used to produce our authentic drinks: Local corn and barley for whiskey, local grapes for “Chacha”, local ecologically pure and full aroma fruit for brandy.

“Alexander Distillery” is the only producer in the world using “Qvevri” (Georgian traditional wine jar) for fermentation of crops and their distillation.

Only here is produced crop distillate with an authorized, unique, patented technology.

The first Georgian whiskey “Alexander” is produced by ripening of this distillate in American white oak casks. This method of distillation is patented in Georgia as an invention. The owner of this patent is the founder and author of the idea, Alexander Kernadze (Georgian Patent #AP 2014 13559) ).

An exclusive product of the cellar is aromatized, fortified wine “SHARBAT - TIFLIS”, which is produced on a basis of a recipe found in an old, 11th century Georgian medical book “The pearls karabadini”. We produce quality drinks which will bring pleasure to many different kinds of costumers, and we are very proud to manage the process of distilling alcohol following ecological conditions, without any harm to the environment.

Our tourist infrastructure generally attracts the visitors who are interested not only in wine and alcoholic drinks, but in experiencing new aromas and new technologies.

We strive to be hosts of people interested in wine and Agro - tourism, and to introduce them to Kvemo Kartli, Algeti National park and historical - cultural sign - seeings, the specific ways of winery in alpine regions of our country and our exclusive whiskey, produced by distilling a distillate in the Qvevri (a wine jar).