Dry, Pale Ruby Wine - “ASURETULI” Conception Wine&Art

Wine “ASURETULI” is a European type of wine from “Asuretuli Shavi” (Asuretuli black) grapes harvested in the village Asureti of Kvemo Kartli, south part of Georgia.

This is a unique sort of grapes, which grows only in the little village, and accordingly its wine is unique with its organoleptic characteristics, and it has no comparable type among Georgian wines.

In the 18th to 19th centuries, the village Elizabethtall (now Asureti) was inhabited by German colonists. In the midst of the 19th century, a German forester - Marius Shall, found a wild sort of grapes in the forest of the mountains of Trialeti. He planted it and cultivated it. For a long time this sort of grapes was called “Shall”, and later multiple researches proved that it was nothing else but the forgotten, ancient Georgian sort, “Asuretuli Shavi” (Asuretuli black).

This wine is light and has a unique aroma of fruit, berries, and fresh acidity, which leaves its significant aftertaste for a long time. Color of the wine is pale ruby.

By us, crushing the grapes is performed with a special stalk removing machine, and the process of maceration takes 48 hours (which means, it stays with grape pomace in stainless steel cisterns).

We produce only a very limited amount of this wine ( an annual yield is 200-250 bottles ). The reason is the limited size of vineyards at that special place.

ABV of “Asuretuli” is 12%.

In marketing of this wine we use an innovative approach. Each bottle is designed individually with an original handmade label (conception Wine & Art), where prints of famous Georgian and foreign artists are used, such as Pirosmani, Gudiashvili, Varazi, Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Van Gogh…etc. Moreover, each bottle has its own number and own not-repeated label.

Here is an advantage of our marketing approach. A costumer gets the additional motivation for purchasing our wine. He will became an owner of the unique wine, numbered bottle, the design of which will not be repeated.

This wine is distributed to special wine shops and some bars. It is sold at some local wine festivals and exhibitions, as well as in our wine cellar.