For Guests

“Alexander Distillery” is a family cellar established by Alexander Kvernadze. It is located in the village Alexeevka of the Tetri Tskaro municipality, Kvemo Kartli region. We produce unique wines, “Chacha” (a kind of Georgian vodka), and distillates from crops. We ripen our distillates in oak barrels to produce the first Georgian whiskey. The method of producing distillates in a “Qvevri” (Georgian Traditional clay jar for making wine) is unique band has no comparison in the world. It is patented in Georgia as an authorized invention, and the owner of this patent is Mr.Alexander Kvernadze. (Georgian Patent #AP2014 135590).
“Alexander Distillery” is included in the federal service data base of the US Food and Drug Administration. Whiskey “Alexander” and the technology of its production are certified and allowed on the American market.
Our family cellar mostly attracts wealthy visitors, interested in wine and agricultural tourism. Usually it is a family or group of people sharing a mutual interest, the size of which rarely exceeds 8-10 people.

Our offer of wine/agro tourism contains three different packages of service:
1. Visiting the cellar and distillery, including a presentation of our technology and a tasting of our production: whiskey, “Chacha” and three sorts of wine. It includes snacks (finger foods) exceptionally matching these drinks, like Georgian cheese, hazelnuts, walnuts, “Churchxela” ( traditional son dried Georgian candy on the base of grape juice and nuts or raisins), smoked “Sulguni” ( a kind of Georgian cheese), some sausage goods, and so on.
2. All of the above mentioned plus a family dinner. Here we strive to let our guests taste the Georgian dishes and experience our Georgian hospitality. A list of our Georgian dishes is much too long, but we choose the most popular ones among them: “Khachapuri”, “Kubdari”, spiced egg plants in ground walnuts, mushed jar beans and of course “Mtsvadi” (a kind of Georgian pork “Shashlik”), which is grilled on “Makali” ( a Georgian grill) using the embers of the vine branches, in front of our guests, optionally with their participation or help.
3. It is noteworthy that our menu is enriched with ancient Georgian dishes, which use our Georgian ingredients (food imported from other cultures, such as corn, potatoes, tomatoes are not in use). The recipes for our dishes are from the book “Georgian traditional recipes” and “Ancient Georgian dishes”. Dinner is served outside in “Panchaturi” (a woven summer hut) richly surrounded with roses, or inside, in the dinner hall, near fireplace, depending on the season and the wether.
4. Drink testing mentioned above, plus dinner, plus a night stay and big breakfast. this package contains staying in the family inn. This house has 4 well-designed guest rooms on the second floor. A well-designed bathroom is on the first floor.
5. A vast majority of our dishes mentioned in these packages are based on local, ecologically pure products. Dairy products, like milk, different kind of cheese, Matsoni (a kind of Georgian yogurt), Sulguni (a kind of Georgian cheese, fresh or smoked), honey, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, cucumber, herbs, fruits and so are from family farm.

Furthermore, visitors have an opportunity to participate in the master class producing Sulguni (a Georgian cheese), Matsoni (a Georgian yogurt), Kubdari (a Georgian/Svanetian beef pie), and preparing some Georgian exotic dishes.

The languages of communication and the presentations are Georgian, Russian and English.